Although a majority of the members of the Indian Orthodox Church today reside in the state of Kerala in South West India, there are parishes spread across various parts of the globe. For administrative efficiency, the Church is divided into ecclesial units called dioceses. Each Diocese covers a number of parishes and/or congregations that come under a definitive geographical expanse.

As per the last re-bifurcation of Churches within the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church in 2009, there are today THIRTY dioceses under the jurisdiction of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, each of which are administratively and spiritually headed by a respective Diocesan Bishop

Of the 30 Dioceses, 20 are within Kerala, 7 outside Kerala but within India and 3 outside India.

Dioceses Within Kerala

1. Thiruvananthapuram Diocese
2. Kollam Diocese
3. Kottarakkara Punaloor Diocese
4. Adoor Kadampanad Diocese
5. Thumpamon Diocese
6. Nilakal Diocese
7. Mavelikara Diocese
8. Chengannur Diocese
9. Niranam Diocese
10. Kottayam Diocese
11. Kottayam Central Diocese
12. Idukki Diocese
13. Kandanad West Diocese
14. Kandanad East Diocese
15. Kochi Diocese
16. Angamaly Diocese
17. Thrissur Diocese
18. Kunnamkulam Diocese
19. Malabar Diocese
20. Sulthan Bathery Diocese

Dioceses ouside Kerala but within India

1. Brahmavar Diocese
2. Bangalore Diocese
3. Madras Diocese
4. Mumbai Diocese
5. Ahmedabad Diocese
6. Delhi Diocese
7. Kolkata Diocese

Dioceses Outside India

1. Northeast America Diocese
2. South-West America Diocese
3. UK-Europe and Africa Diocese

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