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The general administration of the Parish is to be conducted by the Vicar in accordance with the Constitution of The Church (MOSC) and the Parish (STOCSA) and assisted by the following Parish bodies as deemed necessary to facilitate the overall management of the Parish:

1.       Parish Assembly,

2.       Managing Committee and

3.       Other Committee(s) and/or Subcommittee(s).

The administration of the Parish is directly accountable to the Diocesan Metropolitan HG Dr. Mathews Mar Thimothios

The Vicar (Pastor) of the Parish an ordained clergy of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. He shall be responsible for the coordinating and conducting of all sacraments to members of the Parish. He is, by default, the President / Chairperson for the Parish Assembly as well as all Committees. He is also the co-signatory, along with the Treasurer, on behalf of the Parish. The Diocesan Metropolitan is the sole authority to appoint, remove and/or transfer the Vicar or other Priests.

The Parish Assembly includes all subscribing members of the Parish over the age of eighteen. It is from the Parish Assembly that the Managing Committee for the year is elected. The Managing Committee comprises a Treasurer (cosignatory along with Vicar), Secretary as well as representatives from all Units of the Parish. There is also an Internal Auditer. Other Committees or Sub-committees may be created by the Parish Assembly as per the requirements that may arise for specific purposes.