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Charity Outreach Event held at Bapsfontein Little Eden Society

Keeping up the spirit of Christmas and going beyond closed walls, a Charity Outreach Event was held on Saturday December 22, 2018. A few youth of the Parish visited the Elvira Rota Village in Bapsfontein (www.littleeden.org.za), a residential care home run by the Little Eden Society that houses around 120 physically and mentally challenged inmates.

"It was indeed a harsh reminder of the abundant blessings we receive in our daily lives." commented Mr. Jenith Varughese, a member who participated in the event. Vicar Fr. Stanly David James urged all that an all the holistic irrelevance of wealth and luxury, we need to ensure that we give thanks to Almighty for the simplest of grace he showers on us – the capacity to stand, the ability to manage our own needs.

Members of the Parish spent some precious time with the inmates rejoicing the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with them. We were able to treat them to a Christmas Feast in addition to contributing R10,000 to the Society.