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Mission and Vision

The purpose of the Parish shall be to promote Christian way of life according to the faith and doctrines of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church through:

  1. Administering Liturgy and Sacraments;
  2. Pastoral work of the clergy;
  3. Spiritual organisations such as, Sunday School, Marth’ Mariam Samajam (Women’s Forum), Youth Forum, etc.;
  4. Christian and cultural education;
  5. Cooperation with   other   centres   of   the   Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church;
  6. Working with the cause of ecumenism and inter faith understanding;
  7. Establishing and developing non-profitable services to the members of the Parish and the community at large such as Schools, Kindergartens, Homes for the Aged as well as establishing new or supporting existing charitable organisations in Southern Africa and also when the needs arise elsewhere, even outside South Africa.